Scientists have unearthed bones of a previously unknown dinosaur. This dinosaur was a large meat eater with unusually short arms and extremely small front feet. It’s rump was huuuge, and it emitted enormous quantities of dino dung. Scientists have named it Tyrannosaurus-Rump, or T-Rump. It’s skin was orange, and it’s mouth was a weird O-shape, like a ’59 Edsel. It is known to have hated darker skinned dinos as well as female dinosaurs. Scientists cannot figure out how this bizarre creature was able to reproduce.
This big reptile bullied smaller dinosaurs, and because of its behavior, it was generally shunned. However, the evidence shows it was blindly followed by less intelligent dinosaurs who were unable to think for themselves. This newly discovered dinosaur did not hunt, but instead, it survived by stealing meat from other dinosaurs.
T-Rump’s influence was short-lived, and once it passed from the dinosaur scene, it was not missed. Sic semper Tyrannosaurus Rump.

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