The Fight From Tyranny

Fascism had, in some measure, an ideology and occasional coherence that Trump utterly lacks. – Andrew  Sullivan

In the fight for self determination, a hall mark of our very American way of life, a water shed has been reached. The American right now find themselves the vanguard of a struggle that will consume the American people. This is no false flag but a serious call to march for freedom. Over the years as as bloggers and as men, Andrew Sullivan and I have had our disagreements. He article cuts to the very heart of what we risk as a people under Trump. This is no mere attack from a disgruntled faction of the GOP. It points with great humility the hubris of unleashed money in American politics. Absolute power and unlimited money corrupts absolutely. With stoking the fires of hate and giving weight of legitimacy to one religion over others has wrought a monster. By forsaking the secular roots of our foundation, we now face an enemy that could unite us or perish the great experiment of government.


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