Scott Walker Dragging Republican Party Too Far To Right Over Immigration

Sad paid for views. Welcome to Wississippi !


One of the enduring questions I have posed over the years is why does the Republican Party continually work to undermine their interests when it comes to Hispanic and Latino voters? Demographically speaking what the GOP does makes no sense.

There was no way to think that in 2012 Mitt Romney had any real hope of attracting Hispanic votes after his words were used against him when it came to immigration.  In the end he lost 73% of the Latino vote after proposing undocumented immigrants “self-deport.” Who could not have seen the political disaster awaiting the GOP on Election Day after those ideas were advanced in the campaign?

Now speed forward to April 2015.

In a radio appearance with Glenn Beck it was Scott Walker who echoed one of the more conservative and tone-deaf Republicans when it comes to immigration.  Walker seemed to throw himself into the same lunacy as that of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions…

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