Walker in the Flesh

Scott Walker banks on being accessible like that cheap fast food meal with no real substance. This week he has ended WI stewardship program, gutted the UW system with deep cuts, and attacked Same Sex couple’s hospital visitation rights.

A Friend of mine recently had this to say about our Governor from a meeting in London, England.

“Clearly a room full of republicans. Whether by direction or by faith, the business leaders accompanying the governor all spoke to me about how great the economy is and the great work the governor has done to revitalize things. I didn’t have it in me to say that’s complete bullshit, just let them talk. I was there for self-serving purposes, to make connections that could advance things that matter to me. In that regard, job done. I spoke to the governor at length about a company I am invested in called Ostara. They basically clean waste water and produce a slow release fertilizer, both of which Wisconsin (particularly the Fox Valley) could use to clean things up immeasurably. The ironic thing is Bobby Kennedy Jr. Is on the board. The governor was very interested in the business and even laughed off the Kennedy connection when I told him. He had an aid follow up with me afterwards. He was on a “trade mission”, but still got to give him credit for that. Overall the Governor didn’t do or say anything even remotely contentious. He was friendly and nice. But, there was no doubt we were all inside a big red bubble. His handshake was the weirdest I’ve ever experienced. His hand was softer than my 3 year old daughter’s! Creepy.”

We deserve better! Friends in WI do not let friends vote Republican! Scotty my reach is long, very long, and there is no lie you can hide from me.

political promises

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