Day Liberty Died! 3-11-14

Anti-voter legislation passed by the Republican majority in the State Senate this week included:

• SB 267 – adding new obstacles to voter registration • SB 324 – shortening the hours and days of in-person absentee voting • SB 655 – expanding the power of lobbyists to funnel campaign contributions to candidates by moving the date lobbyists may begin making contributions from June 1st to April 15th • AB 202 – establishing new guidelines for election observers, opening the door to voter intimidation • AB 396 – making it more challenging for municipal clerks to assist individuals in residential facilities with absentee voting

These votes come as Governor Scott Walker signaled Tuesday his plan to call for a rare special session of the State Legislature to take up Wisconsin’s unconstitutional photo ID law. The law, currently before the Wisconsin Supreme Court and a federal court, would require all voters in Wisconsin to provide a government-issued photo ID card to exercise their right to vote.

“At a time when our state is still struggling economically, why are Republicans in the State Senate spending the final days of the legislative session limiting our freedom by denying Wisconsin citizens the right to vote? Instead they should be focusing their efforts on creating jobs and putting Wisconsin back to work,” said Subeck. “This latest round of attacks on ballot access, coupled with the impending resurrection of the Wisconsin’s unconstitutional voter ID law leaves Wisconsinites wondering what Scott Walker and his Republicans allies won’t do to rig the November election in their favor.”

Passed in the middle of the night. As if no one is watching.

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