What if Wisconsin

Interms on walkers impending reelection bid of 2014.
Scott Walker has brought nothing but shame to Wisconsin!! The tragedy of his election and re-election will be felt for years to come. But all his supporters care about is: he brought down those god-awful teachers and other public servants and showed them who was boss.
So what if scandals have been a huge part of his term and his people go to jail.
So what if the underbelly of his administration shows the most sleeziest side ever seen in Wisconsin with the despicable comments and actions of his staff.
So what if SKW caged voters in the recall election of 2010.
So what if he will never reach his goal of 250,000 jobs.
So what if thousands of people have lost their jobs and are unemployed.
So what if hundreds of businesses have closed in the last three years.
So what if thousands of people are hurt by having their lives and health impacted by the ACA/Medicaid decisions he has made–they must need to be punished too.
So what if a big part of northern Wisconsin will be destroyed by a mining company that has criminal charges filed against Williams in Spain.
So what if SKW has turned down millions of dollars of our money that we send to Washington that will now go to other states in the form of transportation, health, green energy, and other jobs..
So what if he spends more time out of the state than here.
So what if public schools are hurting because of the decisions made by SKW and henchmen–after all our public schools need to be punished along with all the little kids that attend them.
So what if private/religious taxpayer-subsidized schools bilk us for millions of dollars and then flee the state and set up shop elsewhere.
So what if Milwaukee is now another “bridgegate” Wisconsin style where a Democratic mayor will never get any support or funding from the “revenger.”
So what if good people are pitted against other good people through the divide and conquer strategy.
So what is SKW is bought and paid for by the Kochs and other mega-millionaires/billionaires.
So what if SKW lies through his Eagle Scout teeth and earns untrues and pants on fire ratings from Politifact. The list of so whats would fill volumes. But most importantly, he sure got those good for nothing teachers and other public servants.

What if we voted him out come this November!

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