A Scout is..

Scott Walker in 2007 at Marquette University a...

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As an Eagle Scout, I share a code with Scott Walker. The exception being I live it.

A Scout is:                 Walker is:

  • Trustworthy,           Linked to embezzlement, no bid sale of public assets
  • Loyal,                       Loyal only to Money
  • Helpful,                    Not to others unless you are a billionaire
  • Friendly,                   Not hardly, was a loner as a boy
  • Courteous,                Run over the little people
  • Kind,                         Over ambitious, over reaching, narcissistic in believing the lies told by Fred Luber.
  • Obedient,                  Serves power-hungry billionaires
  • Cheerful,                   Seen little of it, wouldn’t be caught in public in Wisconsin
  • Thrifty,                      Spends 2.5 Billion dollars of public to create a false financial crisis
  • Brave,                        Hardly could not seek the path to compromise, rather make division out of fear
  • Clean,                        Clean democracy is worked through open records and open meetings as spelled by law. Walker fears this.
  • and Reverent.           Respecting the rule of law rather than use fuzzy math, illegal closed meetings, and using public resources to wage political campaigns.

 This man cheated in Marquette University and was asked to leave. This resulting deep-seated anger misdirected at Teachers paved way to destroy century old laws and traditions of the great state of Wisconsin. Trading liberty for security in any measure threatens the core of our democracy and the very lives of our citizens.


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3 Comments on “A Scout is..”

  1. James Says:

    Any proof of the cheating that would stand up in court? Anything beyond biased political rhetoric and massive amounts of hearsay? Not saying it’s not true, I just find it misleading to blog a rumor without citing hard evidence of such.

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