Death at the hands of Corporate Greed

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American Exceptionalizm’s Death at the hands of Corporate Greed

A sad picture about the death of American exceptionalizm emerges from Wisconsin today. I always wondered about Scott Walker’s acrimonious attitude with teachers and teacher’s unions. A piece of this puzzle seemingly fell on me today when I learned about his dismissal from Marquette University for cheating. Adding to that fact that Fred Luber advises Scott on union busting tactics he pioneered with his mismanagement of Super Steel Products. I bear witness to that effect as an efficient company run in to the ground. I read the shredding files about manipulation of the union stewards. These disjointed facts when laid out renders a sad commentary on the state of affairs in Wisconsin. We have a governor who has been mentored by the worst sort imaginable. Eagle Scout or not withstanding he has broken the code by which the Boy Scouts have relied upon for a century. I know because I am one, like my father before me. It no longer surprises me that his use of hidden email servers and chat services to fund raise on Public computer networks. He has no decency, no shame. Tea partiers take note: He is not one of you or a strict constructionist, federalist like I. He is a creation of the idiocratic, corporate elite, their dollars fill his war chest. My grandfather a captain in the US Army fought this same terror, fascism. The union of corporate and government is by very definition Fascism. Just like Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns, Walker fund raises in other states singing the song that teachers are evil.  Shame on you Governor Walker; A scout is Truthful. You have brought shame on the whole State of Wisconsin. Budget Repair is about no bid auctioning off the public assets; A scout is honest. A budget crisis created from surpluses by a massive two and a half billion giveaway to the corporate coffers; A scout is thrifty. It should not surprise anyone of his cheating at Marquette. Millions of Wisconsinites will have to deal with this ‘Blagovich’ of Wisconsin for years to come. Where there is smoke there is fire. May the John Doe(in headlights) investigation continue.

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