The Great Push

Space Elevator GEO Station

Image by FlyingSinger via Flickr

Today I want to talk you about your birthright as  Human beings. Our combined history is littered with disasters and studded with achievements like rare diamonds. We are a people of thinkers, tinkerers, and explorers. Our passion to strive for the best, to be in first place, and to push the barriers down. We have conquered ourselves and indeed the world. Our world bucket feels small and confining like a ship at sea. A wanderlust is filling our ranks seeking its release. A force undeniable, a gravitational force that could consume the cosmos. This is our need to create new worlds, cities of light, and great prosperity. We live in interesting times. The pace of innovation is like the flow of the mighty Mississippi, vast and powerful, whole centuries of ideas in mere decades. Two generations ago we went to the Moon then we stopped. Yet through our culture this idea of Forward On never dies, it permeates our very souls. Countless books, movies, TV shows barrage with this common view of what the future could be, together. This is the message of the world bursting at the seams. We live in a time of polarizing ideas and dramatic change. We have forgotten that moment when the Eagle has Landed. That intense sense of togetherness from the picture of a blue earth, a jewel in the blackness of space, precious ever still. As this new age turns faster than pages of a book, or a touch of a nook. We must stand on the shoulders of the past and grasp the future. A future for all of us moving forward. The war on drugs must be replaced by the war on poverty. This is achieved by grasping the future with both hands and raising the roof on opportunity. New worlds are found daily, our universe is speckled with opportunities. It only a matter of a blink of an eye before a new earth is found. Be prepared a motto known my whole life, buried somewhere in my DNA like an ancient retrovirus calls from within. Do you here it? These are the times to build great things. A century starship to visit the nearest habitable world. Colonies on the Moon and Mars shining like jewels. Space Elevators rising from the desert to literal hanging gardens beyond the atmosphere. Mining asteroid Vesta for rare earths and star bases at the rim of our sol system. The building, the trading, and manning of our outposts could stimulate ourselves into prosperity. Just like the wild west made us a whole nation. Pax Terra, the long peace on Earth is upon us. A new paradyne shift is here. The world wants it now.

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