Victory In Large Measure

February 26, 2011

Image by Sue Peacock via Flickr


Here we are after the great massive protests in Wisconsin.After massive recall elections costing many times normal ones in terms of money.  The State Senate is in large under control by people at odds with Scott Walker. Still is not time to rest on Laurels. This is a short list of the damage done to our Wisconsin Life. On Forward to November, let us recall Walker himself. People usually vote to balance the excesses in their government. I challenge you to make your government your personal responsiblity.

Senator Chris Larson, in his weekly newsletter, listed some of his greater concerns of the things Walker and the Republicans did in their disregard for bipartisanship:

  • Cut $1.6 billion in funding for public education, while also cutting funds for higher education
  • Eliminated accountability and consolidated power through administrative rules
  • Spent $2.3 billion on special interests, corporate giveaways and loopholes while raising taxes and fees on working families and seniors
  • Eliminated worker’s rights
  • Reduced job retraining opportunities
  • Added a waiting period for unemployment compensation on workers who just lost their job
  • Killed wind energy jobs across the state
  • Locked out the public from the Capitol
  • Landed the state government in court over open meetings violations
  • Undermined local control by passing extreme legislation related to wetlands, redistricting, highways and sick-leave
  • Rejected federal grants to support transportation and health care that then went to other states
  • Defunded women’s health care programs
  • Removed consumer protection by changing our victim protection laws
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