Call To Arms

A Dust Bowl storm approaches Stratford, Texas ...

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invariably it comes to pass that the every day citizen must ask the difficult question. Whose interest do you serve? Conservatism is the idea that what is best for everyone is the greater good. raising the Debt ceiling and paying our debts on time is the greater good. Paying taxes is a mark of honesty and a vertue of a good citizen. Paying taxes, paying attention and actively participating in our government is the ideal model of a citizen. Follow the money for the attack ads in Television. Those people who seek to continue their monopolistic practices fear the one vote that changes everything. I am here to tell you, you are that one vote. Your one vote is the same worth as the vote from anyone else. Your vote is equal to Bill Clinton‘s, it is equal to Mitt Romney‘s, it is equal period. To Bill Gates and the Rupert Murdock billionaires, still your vote, your voice is no less important. Your vote should never be bought. We have lived this past decade of broken promises. Lessen the taxes on the top job creating 1% surely that will do it. The fact that a strong well-funded government of the people creates a strong vibrant economy is lost to our national memory. Crystal clear reflective free transparent government is a 21st century reality. It takes only courage, the cheapest of all resources to attain. People easily feel hopeless like when the Dust Bowl settled across this great nation. It took a whole country to fix the conditions to stop the storms. We are the answer, the solution, and ultimately the ones to fix this world. Tell those fearful rich people they may line their pockets with politicians but we line ours with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with no fear.  We will have no king but ourselves and be better for it.

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