The Meaning Of Freedom

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As I survey my country in its vastness, I see the depths of this Great Recession. I see the misery of the masses, my family, friends, and coworkers. Small and Large our people are suffering in many untold and forgotten ways. To get perspective it is less than five percentage points difference when compared to the Great Depression of the last century in terms of unemployment. Our country is polarized into reasonable and unreasonable. Some want to shrink government to the size of a baby and drown it in the bath. I say to you that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; our very notion of America and what American stands for is under attack. By the very people who claim to preserve it. Contracting government and selling it off no bid style sickens the Capitalist in me.  Legislating Bias and wholesale Homophobia in our constitution segregates our society and creates a dangerous precedent. Who next? Who else must we punish for being different? What other freedoms should we part with? I tell you NONE! Our government, for the people, by the people, and of the people is under attack. The moneyed interests are afraid, numerically they have no greater vote than the rest of us. We the people have not seen such a threat to our very way of life since the Red Scare and our very survival in WWII. Contracting our government in the time of greatest need is cruel and unusual punishment. Every Freedom is sacred and while inconvenient at times, every one of them is necessary. Removing freedoms no matter how small harms the very fabric of our country. Money has no worth with out the freedom to use it. Life is not worth living with out freedom to live it. It is worth more than gold and more necessary for life than water. I Urge everyone is this great state and nation to VTBO (Vote The Bastards OUT) Stop at nothing to restore our freedoms. Have no tolerance for fascist pretenders that call themselves republicans. We are on the precipice to becoming a Nazi style country.  Depressions make us vulnerable to the mirrors and snake oil. A true conservative moves slowly and gathers a consensus, neither glamorous, nor thunderous. Freedom is only thing that has value, never let it go without a fight.


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