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5 Key Admissions Made Under Oath

Today, Scott Walker took his road show to Capitol Hill, where he was repeatedly embarrassed by members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform at a hearing bought and paid for by his billionaire political benefactors, the Koch brothers. Below are give key admissions Walker was forced to make under oath today:

1. Walker Never Campaigned on Repealing Worker Rights: Walker was finally forced to admit under oath what the non-partisan PolitiFact had already examined and judged completely false – that he never campaigned on stripping collective bargaining rights. Walker and national Republicans have used that as a key talking point, but today Walker made explicit that he lied to voters by claiming he had telegraphed his extreme agenda during the election.

2. Walker’s Chief of Staff Hired the Son of a Wealthy Political Donor: Walker appears to have lied under oath when he claimed the 27 year-old son of a major campaign donor was given a plum $81,500/yr job by someone “five levels below” him. In fact, it was Walker’s Chief of Staff that secured the job for the inexperienced serial drunk driver, as other more qualified applicants were pushed aside in favor of cronyism.

3. The Koch Brothers contributed to Walker’s campaign: Walker denied having received any financial support from his billionaire political benefactors, the Koch brothers, whose anti-union agenda he’s devoted his entire term thus far to passing. When pointed out to him that his assertion was false and Walker had received $43,000 directly from the Koch brothers, he pled ignorance and flippantly blew off the questioner, saying a lot of people had given him money.

4. Walker’s attacks on Wisconsin unions were never about balancing the budget: Walker’s insistence on stripping the collective bargaining rights of 100s of thousands of Wisconsin workers had nothing to do with “shared sacrifice” or balancing the state budget – a claim he made since the very first day he announced his Budget Repair Bill, and again today in his testimony to the committee. All financial concessions asked by Walker from unions were made, and yet Walker’s kept repeating this falsehood to justify attacking workers’ rights.

5. The Main Provisions of the Budget Repair Bill were Non-Fiscal: Under intense questioning from Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Walker was also made to admit that key anti-union provisions of the Budget Repair Bill – such as requiring annual union recertification and banning deductions of union dues – had nothing to do with balancing the budget and absolutely no fiscal impact. They were all about assaulting unions’ ability to function and making it harder for workers to organize.

Wisconsin is owed an explanation. We the People of these United States do declare that if corporations are declared sentient and given rights of the individual. They should be taxed at the individual rate no deductions.

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