An American Renewal

Plymouth Rock, located in Plymouth, Massachuse...

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Today witnessed the largest Protest in Madison, Wisconsin ever. This Public Quake is all about the future. What will this country be in 10 years, in 20 years, and in a century if we allow special interests, corporations, and Billionares to control our government? I personally have no stomach to be a serf. Or to become an indentured servant of the 1600’s either. My family landed on Plymouth Rock in search of a new life, freedom. My family fought for the Crown in the French & Indian War and received a small homestead in NY. We followed our hearts being a link in the Underground Railroad. We fought and bled in the Civil War. We tamed the West, built this country, and electrified it line by line. We have taught how to live, work, add and subtract. Our discoveries, our inventions, our ideas have shaken the status quo and brought new industries into being. We have welcomed with open arms, all races, faiths, and ethnicities. Science and religion teach us we are one family and stewards of this one Earth.  This is a question whether the future will be shaped by a few or by all of us.

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