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We received these great laws at the turn of the 20th century with great progressive thinkers like LaFollette, but at a terrible price. This code passed in 1911 was one of many passed to take the sting out of political spoils. It was intended to create a professional civil service. It is a poor substitute for bargaining rights. This code was used in businesses until the 80’s. Before greed became a virtue. Double talk and subterfuge does not make facts.

Case in Point:

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Do not be fooled. Walker’s history of outright ignoring laws in Milwaukee County lead directly to multimillion dollar scandals.

Wackenhut Control of a major american court-house, after illegally firing county employees. Costing Millions. Not one shred of money-saving.

Milwaukee Mental Health Complex mismanagement in order to save money caused rapes, death, injuries to staff and patients. Saving money and causing harm to many people is a virtue I refuse. Social policy should never be a dirty word.

Bargaining rights are necessary to create a safe, effective, and strong work place. A Century of tradition as worked for us through the worst of times and the best of times. Every improvement in private sector jobs came from these rights. Smoke and mirrors used by people to hide history and real intentions fades in the light of the day. Today is the day we take our places as responsible American Citizens. There is no right that does not carry a responsibility.

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