17 Second Roll Call-Subverting Democracy

The state capitol of Madison, Wisconsin

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Wisconsin known for our beer, cheese, bratwurst, sunny dispositions, our pleasant hello, and an American practical fairness. No matter what party you are from this should turn your stomach. In an age were democracy could reach it’s Ideal. We have the tech, innovation, and the will. We just need to add the dedication. Wisconsin has always been the place were the innovation happens and then spreads to the rest of the world. Modern agriculture was born here, as well as modern manufacturing. We have the solutions to win the future. It is time to put them in place. The mistakes made in the 1930’s were made by reacting too quickly contracting too fast prolonging the pain. capitalism is best run like a boxing match with rules and a bell ring, not like a back street brawl. Americans should not fall for the red scare tactics used by the Tea Party. Communists are on the retreat and show how that form of government fails. The last credible threat crumbled with the Berlin Wall. The rule of law is the foundation of our government. A Public Quake is happening in Wisconsin, Republicans should take notice that Wisconsinites drive the protest in Madison. To ignore it is certain political death. Politics is the art of the impossible, and the compromise. Walker should cut and run.

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