Corporate States of America: A New Common Sense

Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill Protest

Image by mrbula via Flickr

New York Times Article that ties Koch Brothers to Scott Walker.  Wisconsin voters have been duped by this well-funded Republican Pretender. This budget scenario has been cooked to provide a cover for real intentions. So the question begs to be asked “Does Scott Walker represent the people of Wisconsin or the Koch Brothers?”  Austerity measures designed to hurt the poor, the hungry, the sick, (Medicaid) and a full 2/5th’s of Wisconsin’s population. Fred Luber, chief executive of the Supersteel Products Corporation in Milwaukee a devoted Union Buster given 100% pay raise after busting the union at the corporation.  He encouraged a factory climate to slow down productivity and cost the corporation millions in order to bust the union. As a young twenty-something I was made to shred personnel files while on light duty in the HR department after an industrial accident. I shred for weeks, unknown to most I read incredibly fast. I quickly saw a pattern to the tons of shredding as many livelihoods were destroyed. As a young man needing a job, I felt powerless to machinations of this large corporation. We live in a time where corporations have the same rights as individuals but are immensely rich and immortal. Unions are the answer to counterbalance inequity and provide continuity throughout the ages. This process of creating emergency fiscal situations for the purpose of waging economic warfare is not new. I propose a new tactic. Do not give in, do not let up the pressure, shut down the government if need be, and plant a Victory Garden for Human (American) Rights. Democrats need to take the gloves off and push. Real Republicans fight for rights (Think Lincoln) whatever the cost not take them. This is not one nation under a corporate god. We are the people, government serves us not their own agenda. Public Quakes are happening all over our nation and indeed the world. People are beginning to want the right and responsibility to be involved in their government. Public discourse, public plebiscites are now possible with our level of technology. Time to enable the Egovernment Widget for your life. Get involved. 

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